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Principal Solicitor


Sarah is an enthusiastic and zealous advocate both in the Court room and from behind her desk. Life has its stressors, and some of the top stressors include the death of a family member, a family breakdown, an encounter with the criminal justice system and making the financial decision of purchasing or selling a property. With extensive experience in Criminal Law, Property Law, Probate and Estates and Family Law, Sarah is committed to ensuring your human experience is the central focus of her practice in Law.

Having worked closely with some of the most elite in the defence industry, Sarah is passionate about preserving liberty in her criminal defence practice. Not only will she apply her legal expertise in finding the best possible outcome, but she will also take time in getting to know you, your individual needs and advocate for you relentlessly within the legal framework.

In her Property practice, Sarah has successfully completed major off the plan commercial and residential property sales. Sarah enjoys every sale and purchase she is a part of and ensures you are well informed and advised every step of the way of one in one of the biggest financial commitments you make in your life.

In her Family Practice, equipped with her years working as a counsellor, Sarah is empathetic to your needs and the stressors a family breakdown can have on you and your dependants. Sarah will provide you with step by step advice on what to expect from the mediation and court process and will ensure she understands your needs and vision in relation to your settlement. Sarah is a believer that the Family Court, like a Family, is no place for litigation and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved in a cost effective manner to help you heal and change the narrative for your life moving forward.

In her Probate and Estates Practice, Sarah is sincere in providing a tailored service to the Muslim Community. With her background studies in Islamic Sciences, Sarah tailors her will drafting to the spiritual backgrounds and needs of her chosen demographic. The will is an initiation of the will maker into the next world and acceptance of their return to it, but it is also the blueprint of facilitating ease for those who are left behind mourning. Combining her experience in Australian Law and Islamic Law, Sarah tailors her drafting to ensuring the wishes of the will maker are in accordance with their belief system and equally enforceable in the Australian Court system. 


Areas of Expertise

Property Law

Family Law

Criminal Law

Wills, Probate and Estates



Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)


Charles Sturt University (CSU)


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Bachelor of Islamic Sciences

Bachelor of Laws 

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