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About Us

About: About

El-Assaad & Associates is a boutique law firm, specializing in the areas of Family Law, Property Law, Criminal Defence Law and Wills & Estates. We provide tailored legal advice and services with a specific focus on delivering cost-effective and time efficient solutions.

We understand that navigating the law can often feel intimidating and confusing. Our team is here to assist you in making sense of the process by providing flexible legal consultations, in person or virtually.

Our services are highly personalized, and we offer transparent cost and fee structures to assist you in your decision-making. We pride ourselves upon communicating  regularly with our clients and keeping them informed of any developments in their legal matter.  

 ​We offer an initial consultation, free of charge, to get an understanding of your matter and see how we can support you in reaching a solution. You can book an initial consultation with a legal expert from our team using the link below.

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